Detailed information regarding RASEN support for the key areas and levels below is available by selecting them. Supported areas have a blue background

Systematic and risk driven Real time assessment Continuous risk-based testing Integrated
Systematic compliance assessment Quantitative assessment Risk based testing Partially Integrated
Check list based compliance assessment Qualitative assessment Planned testing Stand alone
Ad-hoc compliance assessment Checklist assessment Unstructured testing None
Legal and compliance assessment Risk assessment Security testing Tool support

Legal and compliance assessment – Systematic compliance assessment

Legal and compliance assessment refers to the overall process employed with the objective of adhering to the requirements of laws, industry and organizational standards and codes, principles of good governance and accepted community and ethical standards.  The overall process should support, to the extent possible, the documentation of compliance. A systematic compliance assessment follows a structured and planned approach where there is a defined process and structured documentation of compliance. Generally, the process involves the identification of compliance requirements, evaluation of the compliance issues and taking measures to ensure compliance.

There are no artefacts specifically supporting systematic compliance assessment. To see those artefacts from the RASEN project that target legal and compliance assessment, select the Systematic and risk driven level.