Detailed information regarding RASEN support for the key areas and levels below is available by selecting them. Supported areas have a blue background

Systematic and risk driven Real time assessment Continuous risk-based testing Integrated
Systematic compliance assessment Quantitative assessment Risk based testing Partially Integrated
Check list based compliance assessment Qualitative assessment Planned testing Stand alone
Ad-hoc compliance assessment Checklist assessment Unstructured testing None
Legal and compliance assessment Risk assessment Security testing Tool support

Artefacts supporting stand-alone tool support

The key area 'tool support' specifies the degree of tool support that is available for the above mentioned key areas.  Typically, tools work on their own data structures that are well suited to the task, which needs to be performed with or by the tool.  Tool integration is the ability of tools to cooperate with other tools by exchaning data or sharing a common user interface. Tools are available for some of the above mentioned key areas. However, the tools are not integrated thus, they do not exchange data with other tools nor do they share the same user interface.



Fuzzino is a library that provides generation of test data for fuzz testing. With fuzzing, you are able to find security-related weaknesses in your code. It's about injecting invalid or unexpected input data to a system under test. That way, security-relevant vulnerabilities may be detected when the system under test processes such data instead of rejecting it. You can integrate Fuzzino into your testing tool in order to enable it for fuzz testing. Please keep in mind that Fuzzino is not a full-featured fuzzing tool. It is a test data generator for enabling your testing tool to perform fuzzing.